Bob Sabalaskey - VP of Manufacturing and Product Engineering

A 30-year veteran of the mattress and furniture industries, Mr. Sabalaskey is a former

Vice President of Manufacturing and R&D for Serta, joining the company in 1995.

During his tenure, Serta became the first U.S. producer to comply with California’s

TB603 fire-retardant (FR) regulation. He also earned several patents for product design

while at Serta and has a pending patent in the FR field.

Along with his reputation as a mattress industry expert in fire science, Mr. Sabalaskey

has decades of hands-on experience in manufacturing efficiency, product design and

value engineering in both the bedding and furniture arenas.

Before his years at Serta, he was a Director of Engineering and Product Development

for the former Schnadig Furniture Corp. in Chicago and for Smith Brothers of Berne,

based in Indiana.

Mr. Sabalaskey has been a speaker and presenter at industry seminars and events

sponsored by the International Sleep Products Association and the Consumer Product

Safety Commission.

> Ed Lilly

> Susan Ebaugh